Monday, April 9, 2012

A last photo album from the Haig-Brown House

crocuses coming up at the front step of the Haig-Brown house

Karen and I are driving back to the prairie this week after my five month term here in Campbell River as Writer-in-Residence at the Roderick Haig-Brown House. We will miss the many generous and good people we have met here this winter, the rivers, seascapes, mountains and forests we have gotten to know as well, and the birds, but we are missing home too and our older children and friends in Saskatchewan.

Here is a series of recent photos I've taken here of birds and plants as the spring advances on the Haig-Brown property and its seventeen acres of flower beds, Kingfisher Creek, the riverside paths, and of course the many trees planted by Roderick and Ann Haig-Brown.

The marsh and creek have been lit up with Marsh Lantern or Skunk Cabbage for the last couple of weeks:

Sometimes you have to show a really bad bird photo just to give a more realistic idea of the poor backlit views you get when you are out birding. This is a Bewick's Wren and he was singing like the marsh was his personal sound chamber:

I never realized how dull the head markings of the Golden-crowned Sparrows look in winter until I arrived here. Still a lovely bird.

This Great Blue Heron sat still for dozens of shots at close range:

Here is the Fawn Lily, a bright and beautiful creature that covers the riverside, fed by the dying salmon left on shore by eagles, gulls and bears:

This last shot shows the daffodils coming up beneath the trees where I am told Ann and Roderick's ashes were spread.


  1. Thanks for coming to Campbell River, and for sharing your ideas and writings with us. Have a good trip home!

  2. Thanks Jocie--we are enjoying a weekend in Victoria and then heading back Monday.


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