Monday, October 22, 2012

On second thought . . .

screen capture from PSAC campaign petition page
The more I look at the provincial government's new plan to sell and lease the 62 community pastures now up for grabs, the more I think we are being sold a bill of goods. (I will explain why in a separate post in a day or two.)

Meanwhile, the pasture managers who have been taking care of the pastures and who are represented by the Agriculture Union - PSAC have responded with a campaign we should all support.

Here is a quote from a news release the union put out on Friday: "The proposed sale of community pastures in Saskatchewan is supported by virtually no one in the province or the country and today's announcement by the provincial government raises more questions than it provides answers, according to the Agriculture Union - PSAC which has launched a campaign to protect the prairie grasslands in question. . . . With the support of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Saskatchewan branch and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the Agriculture Union has launched, a campaign to ensure that ironclad environmental and conservation guarantees are in place to protect the pastures going forward." Go to their site to join their campaign as soon as you can.

Here is a digital story they created for the campaign--it makes the point beautifully:

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