Thursday, July 18, 2013

Global News this evening on the PFRA pastures

screen capture from Global web site
"Saskatchewan’ community pastures are public lands, which ranchers can pay a fee to access. For more than 70 years, community ranching pastures have brought communities together. When the federal government decided in the last budget to turn over those pastures to the province to be sold, those communities have come together again – so they won’t lose them.

For many producers, the community pastures mean one thing: community."

Those lines are from Global TV News web site this evening. Global reporter Raquel Fletcher does a good job with the story which you can view here.  Raquel came out to the media conference we held with Margaret Atwood and the others on the BirdLife International tour and seemed to be listening intently, picking up the issues at hand quickly.

It would be great to see her interview FSIN on the topic and see what they have to say.

image courtesy of Hamilton Greenwood

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