Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Morning at Cherry Lake: and an invitation to participate in a citizen's discussion of wetland drainage

Wetlands like the one in these images are being affected by agricultural drainage in Saskatchewan. The Province's new "Water Security Agency" is inviting us to all participate in a citizens panel that will help determine how agriculture affects our remaining natural wetlands.

The website (link here to participate) asks, 

"Are you interested in providing input on a drainage policy for Saskatchewan? Do you want to know what other residents’ thoughts are on drainage in Saskatchewan?
The Water Security Agency is developing a new agricultural drainage policy and beginning the process of updating its regulatory approach to drainage."
Farmers are draining and ditching in Saskatchewan without proper licensing or permission and conflicts over illegal drainage will only increase as we continue to experience wet springs and summers.

We have to ensure that the wider public interests in the health of our wetlands are properly represented in this discussion. The forum was launched September 1 but continues all winter. I encourage anyone concerned about our wetlands in this province to join the forum and let your voice be heard.

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