Wednesday, December 7, 2016

BBC on Grassland: Planet Earth 2

BBC's new Planet Earth episode on grasslands
David Attenborough has finally brought his dulcet tones to bear on the planet's grasslands in episode 5 of Planet Earth 2. Cue posh public school accent:

"One quarter of the earth is covered by a single, remarkable type of plant . . . Almost indestructible, it can grow two feet in a day and be tall enough to hide a giant."
It is available online for viewers in the UK at the BBC website. Others have found it in other places online but I couldn't tell you exactly where. . . .

My review? Well, it contains the usual stunning imagery and life and death drama you see on BBC nature programs, but if you are looking for north America's grasslands you may be disappointed. There is one short segment on bison and red fox (!?!) in winter on the Great Plains--the rest is shot on other continents.

Here is a bison....

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