Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grass roots: clean energy on the northern Great Plains

(This image of a Sprague's Pipit comes courtesy of Alberta photographer Allan MacKeigan (check out his website).

Last night I went to the University of Regina to hear Jim Harding give his talk revealing the dirty secrets of the Canadian nuclear and uranium industries. Most of the secrets are kept best here in Saskatchewan where we have been digging uranium for a few decades now in our north, all the while pretending we don't know that it is harming watersheds and causing cancer both as waste and as depleted uranium used in weaponry.

I wish I could recreate here something of the experience of hearing Jim's powerful lecture but the best I can do is give you this link to a video made of Jim when he read from his book, Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System

Here is an open letter Jim wrote to Albertans, who like Saskatchewan people, are being told that nuclear power generation is the clean way ahead in a future overshadowed by climage change and peak oil.

And here is the text of a presentation Jim gave to Physicians for Global Survival, who have called for a moratorium on uranium mining.

A new grass roots coaliton called Clean Green Regina is just getting started (no web site but contact by email: cleangreensask@yahoo.ca)and they were giving out a handy pamphlet that helps dispel the myths about uranium and nuclear energy that keep appearing in mainstream news.

No doubt about it--we need to tell prairie people what is happening with the uranium that comes from our north. Once people know the disease and ecological damage that goes along with uranium mining, processing, weapon-armour, and waste storage, Alberta and Saskatchewan will do the right thing. Meanwhile we need to work toward legislation against nuclear waste storage and a moratorium on uranium mining.

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