Friday, November 18, 2011

Campbell River photo album

Salmon die like leaves falling from the trees. This one was on the edge of the Campbell River on the Haig-Brown grounds.

Here are some salmon still alive. I took this from a bridge on the river, where I could see hundreds coming through the inter-tidal zone upstream. I think these were Chum or Dog Salmon--perhaps still numerous because they are not as marketable as other types. These fish will likely be dead within two weeks.

Here are a few more salmon shots.

The gulls, mostly glaucous-winged, come to the river in great numbers to feast on dying salmon.

A couple of fishermen were plying the river as well.

Common mergansers and bufflehead were further downriver in the estuary.

I'll show some shots of the Haig-Brown property and birds soon.

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