Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Update on Yancoal: Press Conference at Copper Kettle June 6th

an aerial shot of the Qu'Appelle Valley and Ft. Qu'Appelle Area, courtesy of Wikimedia.org



The Leader of the Opposition and Party Leaders from the Green, Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties invited to attend QVEA’s June 6th Press Conference on Yancoal Project.

On June 6th at 10 am at Regina’s Copper Kettle restaurant the QVEA will hold a Press Conference to release its 5-point Position Paper on the Yancoal potash solution mine proposed near Southey.

June 6th is the last day that public comments can be submitted on Yancoal’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The QVEA has major concerns about the lack of time for public involvement, long-term water security, implications of deep wastewater injection, potash revenues, and the downstream impacts.

The QVEA will be joined by NDP Opposition Leader Trent Wotherspoon, Green Leader Victor Lau, Progressive Conservative Leader Rick Swenson and Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux or their designates who will raise their own concerns about the Yancoal project.

The QVEA wants to see a broad-based, multi-party conversation about the need to protect Saskatchewan’s long-term water security as well as protecting the ecologically and recreationally-vulnerable Qu’Appelle Valley.

QVEA organizing committee members Jim Harding, Lorna Evans and Randy Lebell will present the QVEA concerns about the Yancoal Project, the party leaders will be asked to make their own comments, and the press conference will then be open for questions from the media.

For further information contact: Jim Harding - 306-332-4492 or Randy Lebell- 306-331-6231.

*The newly-formed QVEA sponsored the all-party, all-candidates meeting (four parties attended) during the provincial election to discuss the protection of the Qu’Appelle Valley. The QVEA was formed in the aftermath of the huge valley outcry over Regina’s ongoing releases of untreated sewage into the Lower Qu’Appelle.

The Qu'Appelle Watershed, showing all the dams along the river.


  1. As a member of local community, I don't want groups like QVEA to use HSPC and Yancoal as their political gains. We trust our Premier, our environmental regulators (Ministry of Environment). We support the project, however, are working to get things done right. There are eight operating mines and this will be no different than any other (K+S is recent example)

    1. Thanks Michelle--it is good to know that someone who lives in the area supports the project. I can't speak for HSPC but I am pretty sure QVEA has nothing to gain from opposing a potash mine.

    2. Thanks Trevor for response..have you taken same position on K+S project which is under construction, Kronau (Vale Project), GenSource, Western Potash and what is the outcome of your findings and how government responded? Did you get ample time to review those potash projects, what should we expect then?

    3. No, I looked into this one a bit because others were drawing it to my attention. In this province it is difficult to keep up with all the environmental issues that arise but I do what I can.

    4. if that was done, will support the case, whom you recommend should be contacted to find out, Jim?

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